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About Immunovet

We started using Immunovet to give our own pets a better quality of life.

Now we want all NZ pet owners to be able to give their pets the same. 

Immunovet New Zealand Ltd is a small family owned business on the outskirts of the lovely North Canterbury town of Oxford.
We are extremely proud to be able to bring Immunovet to New Zealand. This product is fantastic, 100% natural and safe, and it actually works!. We would'nt be without it for our Dog Dece or any pet for that matter. The change in him was dramatic and quick, it was fabulous!

Dece was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Steroids, antibiotics, immune suppressants blah blah blah. He looked awful, no quality of life. We'd had enough and weaned him off, he bounced back for a few months then Wham downhill again. We had already decided we were not going to put him back on steroids again, he was miserable on them and long term use is dangerous. I went looking for Immunovet AGAIN, I'd known about it for sometime and its capabilities but it was not available this side of the world and the cost to keep him on it would have been horrendous for such a big dog. It was now in Australia! Woohoo! I contacted David the Australian Distributor and he sold me some at a reduced rate to test the waters of getting it in to NZ. Within a week I could see the change in Deces mood, I thought I wont say anything to anyone just incase I'm seeing what I want to see. A couple of days later my partner said "I'm sure Dece is feeling better, he seems so much happier". From there the scabs dried up, the hair grew back and to this date (2018) it has been well over 4 years since he's been to the vet.
I thought we need Immunovet in NZ and applied to become the New Zealand Distributor. It is a labour of love and we stand behind this product 100%. We lost Dece at 11.5 years old to an accident chasing a hare on our property late 2019. We now have our new girl Rivi, another Akita that came to us at 11 weeks old just out of lockdown 2020, so excited to start our girl straight away on Immunovet to give her the best start in life.

Rivi 5 4 21Rivi

We are the sole Distributors in New Zealand and are pleased to be able to help your pets live longer, happier, healthier lives.


Dece playing in the start of the snow-688


Antioxidant compounds play a key protective role in the cells of the human and animal body, but their function needs to be supported from time to time in which Immunovet can help our animals.

During the healthy functioning of the human and animal body, free radicals (reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen radicals), ie highly reactive, short-lived molecules containing oxygen or nitrogen, are formed in the cells every day. Their amount is optimally controlled by the body's own antioxidant substances as well as the antioxidants (eg vitamins C and E) taken up during the diet, by contributing to the inactivation of free radicals in several ways. Due to this well-regulated equilibrium, these reactive molecules do not normally cause damage in human and animal cells.

Oxidative stress is a condition in which the ratio of free radicals to antioxidants is upset, the amount of the latter unable to keep pace with the free radicals formed. Such an unbalanced condition usually occurs when the body is under some strain, which can be either permanent stress (for example, moving animals, changing owners, inadequate housing or feeding conditions, social stress due to people or other animals living around it), or it is also a long-term illness. Then, the free radicals present in excessive amounts also damage the proteins, fatty substances, and DNA in the cells, which can lead to cell aging, death, or even the formation of tumors.

Supporting the body's own antioxidant function with dietary supplements with the same effect can provide protection against damage caused by oxidative stress. Immunovet has been shown to have antioxidant effects based on both previous and recent research data, and can significantly reduce the amount of free radicals. With regular consumption, Immunovet can help maintain the long-term healthy functioning of our companion cells.

  1. Jimenez, AG, Winward, J., Beattie, U., Cipolli, W., 2018: Cellular metabolism and oxidative stress as a possible determinant for longevity in small breed and large breed dogs. PLoS ONE, 13 (4): e0195832.

  2. Parekh, K., 2018: The Effects of Fermented Wheat Germ Extract on the Condition and General Status in Companion Animals. Thesis . University of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.



It is a unique nutritional supplement made from biotechnologically transformed wheat (Triticum vulgare) germ, it is a natural supplement derived from the endosperm of the wheat seed, the portion of the plant that does not contain gluten and is not linked to allergic responses. Immunovet is formed during a highly controlled biotechnological process with a special fermentation of wheat germ by a certain strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Immunovet is a mixture of fractions manufactured via this complex process. It is a feeding material that enhances the health of animals.

Why Immunovet?

Both the production process and the product are environmental friendly, since both the raw materials and the Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is used for the fermentation, are present in the nature. 

Why is Immunovet so effective? Keys to the effectiveness


Today's market standards are getting higher and higher. While expecting good manufacturing practice, the customer also respects the animals' welfare and favors environment-friendly techniques. For Farmers they need to meet the customer's requirements to produce high-quality, fresh and safe foodstuffs for a reasonable price.

Immunovet is a remarkably effective plant-derived feed material. Immunovet supports the gastro-intestinal tract in a natural way, protects the intestinal villi and stabilizes the gut’s microflora.


Immunovet is a pure, all natural product. All the active ingredients are 100% natural, and no artificial additives are used in the manufacturing process. Immunovet supports the healthy diet of your livestock/pets without leaving any residues in the animal’s body.


Immunovet has a typical fingerprint chromatogram examined by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) which is suitable for its identification.

Moreover the product is standardized on 2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone, which is traceable with analytical methods.


The manufacturing plant runs under an HACCP system and it is ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certified.

Raw materials and the whole manufacturing process are under a strict quality control, the used yeast strain originates from the strain collection of the Paris Pasteur Institute. Thanks to the strict quality assurance the manufacturer guarantees that every batch is standard and effective, meet the relevant purity requirements.


According to the toxicological studies Immunovet is considered as non-toxic even in extreme overdosing (2500 mg/kg of bodyweight), and does not disturb the physiological balance of the animals. Immunovet is mixable with other feed additives. 


Immunovet has an optimal particle size distribution which makes the mixing dust free.

Based on and several test results Immunovet has good heat and pressure stability, can be combined with feedstuffs.

Expanding, extruding or pelleting does not influence the effectiveness of Immunovet. Immunovet remained stable within normal storage conditions for two years even if stored after being mixed to farm mineral


Composition of Immunovet

Immunovet is produced out of natural ingredients. It contains dried, fermented wheat germ extract, maltodextrine, fructose, silicium-dioxide (to prevent adherence), sodium chloride. To reach appropriate purity, Immunovet is treated with ionizing energy. The product is rich in macro- and microelements, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. 

How does Immunovet work?

Immunovet helps the immune defense. Immunovet has a complex biological effect which affects both the humoral and the cellular immune system. The numerous active ingredients have a collective outcome of immune strengthening, antimicrobial, antioxidant, cancer- and inflammation preventing and roborating effect. Immunovet nourishes the intestinal villi, increases their surface, and enhances the absorption of alimentary substances. In the course of its dosage the skeletal system gets healthier and stronger. Acts as an antioxidant / free radical scavenger. Activates immune mechanisms. Normalizing of the immune regulating system.

Immunovet is manufactured in the European Union, by Biropharma Ltd. (


0 days of withdrawal period. The product is a result of more than a decade of continuous research and development work, during which time no side effects have been detected in any of the animal species as a result of the use of the product. No interfering interaction was detected during the use of the product.

Shelf life

The product can be used for 2 years from production. The date of production is indicated on the packaging of the product.

Quality comes first

Quality comes first and as a means of demonstrating our commitment to supply the best products, we are pleased to announce that our quality management system has been assessed and certified following the renewal audit of SGS. This certifies that Biropharma Ltd. operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:

"Development, manufacture and contract manufacture of dietary foods for special medical purposes, traditional plant medicines, natural health products, dietary and feed supplements, phytopharmaceuticals and drug intermediates."

Biropharma Ltd. has had ISO accreditation since 2000, which is testament to the continued levels of quality that we strive to offer our customers.

ISO 9001 is a quality management standard maintained by ISO (International Organization for Standards) which applies to all types of organizations and is widely recognized and respected throughout the world. 

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