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Cloud is a Bull terrier, he is coming up 11 years old and immunovet has saved his life. I don’t say this lightly, but his skin condition was worsening and making his life miserable. At 4 years old cloud started to get hives if he came into contact with kaikuhia grass, this was manageable as we kept him away from this grass and if he did come into contact with it at the beach a small dose of steroid would bring them right down. As he got older he started to get hives more often, when the pollen was prevalent in the air he had his worst symptoms. The hives had moved on from not just bumps, but to sores which would come up and burst much like a blood blister- and as expected the steroids took longer to take effect. He had to be bathed sometimes up to 3 times a week (which he hates) in medicated shampoo. Throw in a few infections and some hefty antibiotics which gave him a sore tummy and he was not a happy man. I have tears in my eyes as I think of all the different things we tried, blood tests, diets ,creams ,pills, shampoo’s- the list goes on , and still he seemed no better. I decided after some research that steroids were no longer an option, they were having less effect and would be slowly killing my dog.

We took beef out of his diet as he seemed to have developed an allergy to it , as well as just living it seemed. All seemed fairly hopeless for the poor old guy who would be one of the most cared for dogs in the world – but still looked like he came out of someone’s rubbish bin. He was itchy , lethargic and had new sores coming up on him almost daily . I was coming to terms with the fact that his quality of life wasn’t as he deserved and we may have had to say good bye to our buddy early. As a last ditch attempt I tried immunovet. I do not advocate products easily – but this stuff is gold! Clouds progress was fast! Within a week his scratching had visibly reduced, by two weeks sores were almost completely gone, we took him to the beach , where he was exposed to kaihuhia – no new hives.

Within a month he had hair growing out of scared skin and no hives and no new ones. Cloud has been on immunovet for 3 months now and is doing fabulously , so good I will be entering him in a Veteran class at our next specialty show. He has an increased vitality, and is even a little bit naughty!! Some people I talk to about this product find the initial cost a little daunting, which is a fair call – but please think of this! Cloud needed to go to the vet 3 x per year at $120 per time, for medication that ultimately stopped working and did him harm. I will also point out that this was the base rate of consult plus steroids he also got Creams, blood tests, antibiotics etc which were extra. No offense intended to our vet he is great, But immunovet changed Clouds life. So a year’s worth of vet visits works out at $360 with no extras. 1.5 kg of immunovet costs $260- it will last a 30 kg dog such as cloud 4-500 days. Its a natural product and it not only heals but helps in your animals defence against further health issues. When people come round and comment on clouds brilliant condition, I don’t hesitate to tell them all about immunovet . This is a fabulous product and all 3 of my bull terriers now get it daily.


I've been using Immunovet for the past 5 years and it has been nothing short of a miracle for my Boxer cross Roxy . She struggled with arthritis and is on a lot of medications the Immunovet has helped her mobility but also helped her digestion due to the medication given by the vet. However when the financial strain of COVID hit, I had to discontinue its use. Recently my cat Chloe had a persistent urinary problem requiring multiple vet visits specialized medication and dietary changes. Despite all these efforts the problem was unyielding. Thats when I decided to reintroduce Immunovet into our lives. The results were astounding! Within a short period of time the issue that had plagued my cat for months began to resolve itself. She is now back to her healthy playful self. Immunovet has truly proven its worth, not just for Roxy but for all the Furs I couldn't be more Grateful for this remarkable product.


Just sending in feedback. My old dog has been sick for months with tummy and skin issues etc etc, just run down. Been on immunovet for approx. 10 days and honestly, looks like a new dog. Was walking him tonight and even his fur looks great. Not thicker so much, just healthier. Just an all round improvement in his base health. Thanks for a great product. Deb



Since giving my dogs Immunovet they have more energy, their coats are great it's the best I have seen Connors coat (In pic) more growth better texture is soft and easy to brush

I have a couple of dogs who have a grass (Penny Royal ) allergy

Immunovet has definitely kept it at bay

I would definitely recommend Immunovet Connor Ballymore kennel english setter-93


I use Immunovet, my dog has lupus, and has not been systematic for quite some time.


Hi Trudy, just a quick update on my GSP Monty. He has been taking Immunovet for two weeks now and I am confident it is helping with his allergies. He developed "doggy dandruff" after a couple of days and I have been brushing him more regularly than I would normally as he was shedding. He is now growing a new much softer coat and doesn't seem to be suffering from itching skin all he time. I definitely think he feels much better in himself, he has probably lost 3 years in age going on the amount of activity/hunting he is now doing. No rabbits or pheasants in our garden but he is certinly keeping a strict eye on the blackbird activities at present. He has normally had enough outside time and wants his bed by 11.30am, but yesterday I couldn't get him to come inside at 12.30 as he was enjoying new found energy.
Will keep you posted on how he's doing in another couple of weeks. Thank you so much Trudy for finding this natural product to help animals with health issues.

Just wanted to share a before/after picture of our boy who has been having Immunovet for 9 weeks.
For months we had been back and forth to the vet trying to give him some relief from itchy, angry, often ulcerated, always bald, patches on his body with his tail being the most affected. He has had skin scrapings, been misdiagnosed, more tests, diagnosed again, creams, washes and injections. We were devastated to see him so anguished and unable to help him.
Then I read some information posted on the Akita Australia page about Immunovet and we decided to give it a shot.
Look at that beautiful tail so full of new hair! His skin has also healed and all the bald patches now have hair again.
Our Boobs is a very happy boy!
Akita Tail (2)-762

I love this product, it has helped my Foxi X "Toby" so much with his allergies, he even has fur growing back on his neck and underbelly where there never has been any ever due to severe allergies. The photos attached do not do the allergies justice. We tried Cytopoint which did not really work for him. You can see how red he was around his neck, armpits and paws, they were the main issue as well as the fur loss on his neck and under belly. I have also attached a photo of him from doggy day care in Sept 2020 (5 months on Immunovet) Even my Vet is impressed with the improvement in him. It has also helped my two greyhounds that suffer from corns/warts on their feet.

Thanks again for your help and for having this product available in New Zealand.

    TOBY TMTOBY TM-650-970


Well after 9 years of horrid ear infections our blue heeler has relief! She is a different dog and no re-occurrence! And no vet treatment.we were cleaning daily and twice a month using the drops and just immunovet. love it

blue heeler-333


SPLASH AND HER JOURNEY TO GOOD HEALTH. Thank you Shield4Pets/Immunovet!

I had to share this because to us, it was an answer to prayer!

At about 2 years of age our Akita girl, SPLASH had this awful open, oozing sore appear on her head, with bumps developing on her muzzle and around her eyes. We immediately suspected a bite, likely a spider. Whatever it was, it came with intense itching, which resulted in her scratching till there were bloody sores; we decided to take her to Michigan State. They opted to treat it as a bite, and prescribed
antibiotics and prednisone, which gave some temporary relief of itching, but the sores did not heal and more developed.

The itching and bumps became a continuous and spreading problem. We began to suspect pemphigus and returned to MS. After several punch biopsies were done, we were very relieved that the biopsies were negative for Pemphigus, the cause however, remained a mystery. MSU decided to treat it as an allergy, so the prednisone treatment continued, yielding only a slight improvement. The flare ups seemed to clear in winter, and flare in spring, so the condition did appear to be allergies.

SPLASH, was just a 2 year old, a puppy, but she had stopped playing with toys, stopped interacting with our kids, and now appeared very depressed. She was carrying her tail down, her head low and
avoiding interacting; she was so miserable, it was heartbreaking. As you can see what a terribly miserable baby girl she was in the pictures I've enclosed.

In addition to these behaviors, she became VERY anxious, and although she had been crate trained since a puppy, with no previous issues, now she panicked and would break out of the crates. At the same time she would rub her face against any surface she could to scratch the itch on her face. We had been forced to keep on a cone on her full time when the itching was at its worse to reduce the self-mutilation. Each time she was we left home alone, we returned home to a broken crate (seven crates over time), and SPLASH was severely stressed, panting, anxious, a bloody mess. Her eyes were swollen almost shut from rubbing against walls, corners, furniture, whatever she could to scratch the itch. Blood streaks were obvious throughout the house.

Our once happy puppy began to withdraw more and more....she refused to meet strangers, was grumpy and withdrawn even with our family. Our daughter, who had desires to team with SPLASH to compete in conformation, had to stop all classes and give up that dream. SPLASH had long since stopped wanting to be petted, we didn’t know how to show her affection which she seemed to reject. It was very hard on our kids who adored her; they had lain on the floor cuddling and loving on her all of her first two years. They all played vigorously with favorite toys, and we all enjoyed her happy, exuberant zoomies greeting whenever we returned home after being gone. I felt so bad for SPLASH and for our kids that love her so much.

At Judy King’s urging, we started her on Shield4Pets/Immunovet in the spring of 2017, and within a few weeks she had improved moderately. We planned a family vacation to include our two dogs, SPLASH and DONNER (a male puppy we had adopted as companion to SPLASH, the kids and us); leaving her boarded or with a pet sitter was not an option. SPLASH remained very anxious, she could not be left alone, so whatever the family activity, someone had to babysit her. SPLASH had become grumpy toward our rescue pup, going after him on a few occasions. This new behavior was startling to the kids as she had always been tolerant of him as a puppy; the two had been good buddies.

During these two years, SPLASH did not shed like a normal Akita, she had a sparse, poor coat with little under coat.

In 2017 we traveled to OHIO to attend the Akita National, meet up with friends, and especially to meet up with Judy and Barbara Bouyet to discuss SPLASH and her regimen of S4P/Immunovet.

Since significant improvement had been seen, yet the condition did not clear and would sometimes flare. We decided to increase her Shield4Pets/Immunovet with the goal of discontinuing all steroid use. Which we had occasionally resorted to short term use of steroids when the itching worsened to the point of self-mutilation.

2018 UPDATE: We all went on vacation, and this experience was greatly improved over the previous year. SPLASH was much more comfortable, she greeted some strangers on walks, she seemed to really enjoy it which meant we all had a much more relaxed and fun trip. This past winter was good, her skin and mood continued to improve and she grew her first beautiful Akita coat in over two years. But as spring approached I admit we all were quite anxious not knowing what to expect.

2019 UPDATE: This spring SPLASH did NOT have a flare up!

She didn’t have to wear a cone from April through May. She started playing with her toys....she engaged Donner in playful romps, sought out our kids to be petted, and AMAZINGLY, she has been crated 5 times for a couple hours each time; we’ve come home to her relaxed still crated, no self-mutilation from itching. She is always just relaxed and happy to see us.

Barbara we cannot tell you how relieved we are to see her tail wagging, see her beautiful head held high, ears erect, eyes bright, and once again loving life. Shield4Pets/Immunovet has given us back our happy girl.

AND, at the moment she’s shedding like crazy, just like an Akita should. Never thought I’d be happy to say....”YAY...shedding!”
splash-275splash 2-135splash 3-71


Hi Trudy, I have recently purchased the product for my English bulldog who has warts!!!! and also gets on and off skin allergies. She has been taking the product for the last 2 weeks and the warts are just about gone!!! her skin and coat is amazing. Unfortunately she passed the wart virus onto my sons dog and so we started giving her the Immunovet and guess what the wart is Gone!!

I love the fact that I can give her something that boosts her immune system instead of always getting medications to treat the allergies. This is an awesome product which I only happened to come across when googling warts in dogs and the need to boost the immune system to get rid of them. Its funny but that is what I tell patients to do when they have warts, but didn't think about it with my dog lol. By the way I am a Nurse. I am annoyed I didn't think to take a before and after picture.

I love the product and it would be great to see it out there more.

Kind regards


I’ve been giving Jackson two Immunovet Tablets per day, they are awesome.
His skin used to feel like leather under his neck, since he’s been on Immunovet his skin is soft, back to normal.

Jackson on ute (2)-26

Dog with Neutropenia

 Trudy ....thank you for recommending the immunovet...
What a difference it has made in the short time he has been on it:-)


 Immunovet is what cured my Akita when he was given six months to live. He was in remission five months later and lived three more years. Masato passed one month shy of thirteen.



On May the 6th I had a meltdown. I had spent the night away - I got home and saw my ginger boy and just bawled my eyes out! His back was hairless, oozing with yeast in every neck roll, bleeding and cracked with a layer so thick of buildup - that it no longer felt like skin! it was rock hard!! This is the only pic I have of him like this. It wasnt even something I could look at. It had been this way for about a month and NOTHING was helping. We were both so broken! 💔
I sat on Google and I cant remember exactly what I googled - but Immunovet (a natural supplement powder that you add to their meals) came up. I looked on their website and by the time I had read some testimonials I knew I had to have this product. An English Bull Terriers story stuck out and I remember reading it and just thinking YES, YES, YES - this is everything we are going through. 

I ordered it on May the 10th and on May the 14th both boys had their first dose. 

This is PAC today. June 20th. THESE PICTURES ARE 5 WEEKS APART 😍😍🙈🙈❤❤ By week 1 all the oozing had stopped!! By week 3 we noticed hair growth starting back and now at week 5 he has a few dry spots remaining but gets better with each day. His personality is back and he is back to being the silly, energetic dog we remember! 🐶

I dont know who makes this stuff - this isnt an advert for them - but we DO feel obliged to let you know that IMMUNOVET HAS CHANGED OUR F*CKIN LIFE 👏👏🌟🌟 We will never be without it. We have spent easily over $1000 on every cream, remedy, lotion, powder or liquid known to help allergies and nothing helped and I honestly dont know where we wouldve ended up without it!! ❤

All I know is I GOTCHU PACCY - AND WE GOT THIS BIG MAN 👏👏🐶❤ xxxx

Bulldog Immunovet-609-922
Immunovet cat and dog study (2)-39-583

FROM DENISE DIDIER - USA (from Barbara Bouyets facebook post)

 I’ve used Shield4Pets (Immunovet) on my senior and it’s made a world of difference. He was having joint issues and after consistently using S4P he was able to once again jump on the bed and run around the yard with my year old female. My vet raves about how good he looks and his coat is in great condition. It also helped get him off apoquel from seasonal allergies.


When Leroy, my first akita, had reoccurring infections, shield4pets/Immunovet dropped his infection rate down to less than a quarter of what it had been without. I started giving it when my vet said this was it. They cultured the bacteria, and she said grimmly that dogs don't beat this. After giving the shield4pets/Immunovet, and starting antibiotics in spite of what she said, Leroy started eating the next day again.

I will never not give this to my dogs ❤



Mac got really sick recently and it seems German Shepherds commonly have a digestion issue where they don't create enough digestive enzymes to process their food properly in the large intestine (or something like that - thats what I recall the vet told us)


... well guess what !! - even after 2 courses of vet medication he was better but still wasn't quite right - but a few days back on Immunovet and his stools are almost back to normal now and no straining . I am sure Immunovet has been helping all along, as he has always been on it since a pup - until we ran out, which coincides with him getting these issues.

Just shows how good this stuff can be using a general maintenance dose for good health.


Check out these beauties from Auckland. Regular Immunovet users since 2016 and looking great! These guys are all on the maintenance dose and are in fabulous condition with gorgeous coats. Vicky their owner says " They dont cost much in vet bills so will stick with Immunovet! We believe in health from the inside out. Thanks!"
Thank you Vicky for the lovely photos and continuing to fly the Immunovet Flag.

Vicky Pratt mACK 5yrs-973-95
Vicky Pratt Riley-478
Vicky Pratt Fly 10


Hi there,

I would sincerely like to THANK YOU!

My West Highland Terrier, Angus, has just finished his first round of 100 tablets and the transformation is AMAZING!

Although he's only one and a half years old, he'd been suffering chronic seasonal (?) skin irritation, Malasezia and other ailments which were making him a very grumpy wee boy.

After numerous costly visits to the vet, rounds of steroids, antibiotics, bi-weekly medicated washes and various food trials I was beginning to lose hope. After doing my homework, I finally bit the bullet and switched him to a raw food diet along with Immunovet!

WOW! I can practically see his smile! No longer is Angus grumpy, irritable or constantly chewing his paws. His skin has returned to normal, the red rash has gone, he's stopped smelling like a corn chip, the greasiness has gone AND he doesn't look yellow anymore! Within 6 weeks Angus's temperament, skin and coat has really turn itself around!


Claire and Angus


 I was desperate to keep Rossi healthy.

I came across Immunovet and liked the sound of it. Rossi has been having Immunovet now for the past 3 years, he had his 10th Birthday just last month and I'm so happy to say he is fit and well. He loves his food and plays happily with my other younger Spinoni's Elmo and Babio.

I shall be introducing Immunovet into their routine as well.


I bought the powder for my 8 year old British Bulldog who was getting very stiff in the back end I thought wow its expensive but was willing to give anything a try with winter coming up.He has been on it about a month and Ive used just over a quarter of the container giving him 2t for the first week then down to 1.I can honestly say the money spent has been well worth it he is a different dog just amazing the difference in such a short time I honestly can not recommend more highly and will definitely be sticking with it. It is fantastic. I honestly thought we wouldn't have him for much longer but now there's no stopping him he honestly is a different dog I have people commenting on what a change in him all the time.I have also noticed his hair isn't falling out all the time like it was which makes life a lot easier as it was becoming a huge problem because as we all know, short haired dogs seem to lose their hair more so its not only done miracles with his joints but his coat is looking the best it has done in a long time and its staying put


Meeting Barbara was our saving grace. Posh is our second pom who developed alopecia. I met Barbara at the park and it wasn't hard to see Posh had alopecia. To protect his skin from the sun I always had a shirt or sweater on him. She sent me the literature for Immunovet/shield4pets and I read it. I was very willing to try this on Posh. After a few months Posh began to look so much healthier. He was gaining weight and had energy. After another few months his hair began to fill in. My husband was amazed. He now has a full coat and this is all due to Immunovet/Shield4pets. We also give this to our other pom Mia for joint support and it has helped her as well. 
Susan-Westlake, CA.
POm testimonial (2)-57  POm testimonial


 Within about a month of giving Van the Immunovet we saw a huge improvement! He jumps up on the couch (and our bed haha) with ease, he runs around at our farm like a 2 year old (he's 7 in 2 days!!) When we let him outside for a final toilet stop at night, he jumps around and runs around the house outside to make sure there is no one there - he's really happy since we started him on the Immunovet! He is honestly like a damn puppy! Haha a 60kg puppy that is!! We are so thrilled with the results, and want to thank you so much for supplying
us with this wonderful product.


Having owned chickens for around a year we decided to give them immunovet supplement with their feed. We have noticed improved feather growth, reduced occurances of infection and most noticeably they have both continued to lay eggs on an almost daily basis throughout the majority of the winter. In comparison friends who do not feed their chickens this supplement experience a dramatic reduction in egg production over the winter months.

Furthermore we have on occasion used higher doses of immunovet granules when the chickens are unwell to speed up recovery, when other supplements have provided no noticeable benefit.
We find the best way to administer the granules is to mix with omega oils and then add to either their layers pellets or corn. Mixing with oil helps to bind the immunovet to their regular feed and prevents it sinking to the bottom of the feeder.

Will continue to feed our chicks immunovet for improved productivity and healthier / happier birds.

DOSAGE Laying & fattening flocks 1 t per kg of feed.


Just a quick awesome thanks heaps to Immunovet for helping our oldies enjoy running and smiling again.

We wanted to make her remaining days as enjoyable as possible. Well we needn't have worried.... A week of immunovet morning and night and she is galloping down the paddock to play with her toys. Winstone is 11, he was sad as!! After 3 weeks he was happy as a sam boy and smiling again.
Thank you Immunovet.


This is a supreme, all inclusive that I feed my Leo Attikus for his health and longevity. You want a coat that shines in health, even in summer? I feed Attikus this as I totally believe in the health benefits based on scientific facts. He shines in his health, 7 years young vigor to walk dogs as our business for rain or shine, heat sometimes 86 degrees plus for hours. You want vigor, health, and a kick in the but, try this.


My Boston was diagnosed with bone cancer in September 2019. The options were - chemo, operate remove the leg and chemo or take it day by day and see how he goes. Being 9 this year and it being a front leg and he's a brachy breed we decided to take it one day at a time, the vet gave us some painkillers for him and told us he had probably 4-6 weeks (invasive surgery and chemo would possibly have stretched that to 4-6 months)
Obviously devastated we thought we'd spoil him a bit and I doubled his dose Immunovet in his raw diet. A month passed and I called the vet for more tablets, she asked me to bring him in, I obliged and he trotted into the surgery said hello to all the staff and tried to pick a fight with a bigger dog! Suitably impressed that his quality of life was still good the vet gave us more tablets. Before Christmas we took him back for a second x-ray to see how things had progressed. A very surprised vet called me to say the x-ray showed no further progression of the cancer and in fact looked as if it had improved. She sent both films with dates to the consultant radiologist at Massey who was also surprised and even asked if she had the dates the right way around.
I'm not for one moment saying that this is a cure all but in this case Immunovet along with a raw diet seems to have slowed the progression. The painkiller dose has been halved and he's busy exploring, playing with my other dog and my daughters dog when she visits. We're still taking each day as it comes and he's still seeing the vet regularly as long as he's happy we'll keep going

Bullie and Boston-298


This is my story. 3yrs ago I discovered my dog covered in lumps all over, his ears smelt real bad and he didn't look good I took him to the vet after looking him over the vet said it was an allergy problem he gave us two options go buy every kind of dog food in the supermarket to check if he had a food allergy or he could be allergic to pollen or have blood test we decided on blood test the test had to be sent to Australia. in the mean time we were given a months worth of prednisone for him which we started giving him and he seemed OK his lumps started to go down he was starting to have a bit more energy 2 weeks later we get the results back saying he had 31 allergies both food and pollen that cost us $500 so from his food allergy it was peas, carrots, corn,tomatoes, potato and pollen was all trees except pine, all grass, weed, kapok. Fungi, tobacco smoke and I don't know how he was allergic to smoke because we're non smokers.. then the vet suggested a 9 month course of injections which he said it will help him a lot through the spring/summer months and the vials had to come from the states 3 weeks later we get 3 vials red blue
green and x amount of $$ for those vials told which vial to use first what his dose was and how often so we did the whole course of injections... Spring/Summer came he still came up with lumps/ lethargic/ and smelly ears so back to the vet we went then he suggested we look at putting him down.. because being on prednisone for too long would make him immune to it and wouldn't work when his allergies came back, I was in tears, I couldn't even think about doing that he was still on prednisone... Then a life line was given to me a friend of mine who new all about my dog had seen a post on her page about the product Immunovet she told me about it and I should read the story of a bull terrier who had the same symptoms as my dog
I read the story and felt excited that there was a product out there that could help my dog.. I thought why not try it had nothing to lose.. I weaned him off the prednisone at the end of June 2015 I ordered two bottles of tablets tripled the dose for him because he is a big dog ( bull mastiff ) and was giving it in his food after 3 months of being on immunovet he was looking good lumps subsided smelly ears gone heaps of energy his coat was looking much better... But the real test was coming up and that was the pollen time September to March not a lump/smelly ears/ lethargic all gone and this is all thanks to Immunovet I've cut back on his dose to just giving it to him once a day at his dinner time but I'm not going to stop giving him this product because I know this has helped him so much happy dog/ happy life

Bailey 8

 After trying many many supplements and still not finding the right one I put him on Immunovet about 2.5 months ago. It is of comfort to me that Immunovet is 100% natural.  I believe Immunovet has assisted his overall health. Thanks Immunovet! (photo is of Bailey at 8.5years - still going strong on Immunovet)

Hi Barbara. Just received my second shipment of Shields4Pets (Immunovet) and thought I'd fill you in on what we've experienced.

We have akitas, my oldest is a WFR named Rubi who will be 12 in a couple of months. In recent months I've noticed a decline both physically and emotionally with her. She couldn't comfortably manage stairs, up or down. Wasn't running across the yard anymore, dragging her feet with her tail down (which as you know is a sign of illness or depression with this breed).

Where once we'd call her name and she'd come trotting to us with her head and tail high, she would simply look over to us and not be interested in anything. Even her joyful howling as well as her verbal arguing with me had stopped. My diva seemed so very sad and uncomfortable.

I would catch her now and again just looking around as though she couldn't remember where or why she was.

We optimized her food, spent more time talking with and stroking her. But I was starting to prepare myself for her decline this year.
Then I remembered Sheild4Pets/Immunovet that you've been writing and talking about for some time now. Researched it a bit more and thought, worth a shot if it makes her feel better so I bought the powder.

Two large teaspoon fulls a day with her meals and within days I noticed a difference, a lightening of her attitude. A few more days and she was again tail up and trotting across the yard. By the time we were finishing the powder she was running up the stairs and back to her howling in joy and upset.

The test came then. I ran out, but ordered 2 more right away. I wanted a gap to see what would happen. In the short time we waited for the order she started to decline, slowly, but definitely decline. We received our order in a week and started her back just 2 days ago. Improvement is once again happening. I don't know how it works, but I've always trusted you and so glad for it. Thank you Barbara, we have our Rubi back and hopefully will have her around for a few years more, happy and loving life with us.

Sharen M.




About two Years ago I started researching online and came across Immunovet. Obviously until you have tried something you remain skeptical. However we have been using Immunovet daily with Charlie's meals and have found that this has worked wonders. We started on higher amount as recommended and then have dropped to a maintenance level. We noticed a great improvement in the first 6 - 8 weeks and then a continual improvement over 12 months. We would recommend trying immunovet as it has worked exceptionally well for Charlie our dog.
R&C Miller


Torri doing a happy dance after going Best In Show at The Dalmatian Club Show.I use Immunovet for my dogs well-being


We are pleased to say Moko has been “DRUG FREE”  the Immunovet must be doing wonders. His personality is back to his old self.

This letter seems fitting as he turns 9 tomorrow and so far he is the best he’s been in 4 years. We both wanted to say a big thank you.

Many thanks from all of Us

Sash, Nick, Moko and his Girls
(2016 - Moko is still going strong on Immunovet daily)                                                         



Thank you, Rossi is great on the Immunovet Simon, he was 9 years old in April and it's the first Italian Spinone that I've managed to get to 9 years of age. 




This is Davie

When he was a kitten, Davie ‘climbed’ up a large and heavy speaker and it toppled and landed on top of him. His little head and face were quite crushed and we prepared ourselves for the worst. After an overnight stay at the vets, he came home and recovered fully.

As time went on, we knew he was different to his brother and we fondly referred to him as our ‘special needs cat’. His depth perception was out - a clumsy cat! He was constantly thirsty (thirst receptors were most likely affected during the accident) had persistent ‘welts/scabs’ on the back of his neck, was quite scared and flighty and never very affectionate with his people.

We tried Immunovet mainly to clear up his skin condition – the back of his neck often had bald patches and scabs.

Within weeks his neck cleared up but the biggest change is that he is a happier cat. He is more tolerant of strangers – friends are surprised because they didn’t realise we had two cats. He has ‘bunted’ me a couple of times (something his brother does all the time) and has even jumped up on my lap. His relationship with his brother is kinder too – no more tufts of fur lying around in the morning signalling a night time scrap. They play and they sleep together and he even purrs now.

Immunovet has improved his overall health and wellbeing and the proof is in his behaviour.



Hi Trudy,

Just a quick email to say that poor old Rupert has really declined over the last few weeks and we have had to make the decision to put him to sleep. He was old, blind and deaf & Stiff and had slowed right down.
Thank you for Immunovet

Thank you for making him more comfortable in the last few months and I will certainly recommend the supplements in the future.

Kind Regards,



I am so grateful that my holistic veterinarian strongly recommended Shield4Pets/Immunovet. 

I immediately read the efficacy of Shield4Pets/Immunovet and was astounded by the research and reviews that I found. 
My gratitude for the team that makes this product available to animals is immeasurable. Shield4Pets/Immunovet is truly incredible and the benefits are amazing.

Thank you with all of my heart for helping & my sweet Kayla, my soul companion, my best friend, and we look forward to celebrating her 15th birthday soon!

With my most heartfelt gratitude,

Holly Degne




I honestly don't think we would be where we are today, without the Good Lord's grace and without Him bringing Barbara Bouyet and Shield4Pets/Immunovet into our lives! Barbara is truly an Angel, and we will be forever grateful for what she has done to make Shield4Pets/Immunovet available to us!



Then I found Immunovet. We are 6 weeks into adding one spoonful to her breakfast and the difference is remarkable. Betty is way more energetic, runs and plays happily - and her general mind set is greatly improved. But her skin is fantastic, her jacket is luxurious and healthy looking. Thank you all so much for offering a solution, I have told friends with pointers all over the world about your product. Ruth Sullivan Waiheke Island New Zealand.




Immunovet has made a huge difference to both of us and to be able to buy one product that does both of us thanks Immunovet you rock. 
Bear and Princess-613-532-984


He has improved so much and are pleased to see that he is STILL on the improve. I wholeheartedly recommend Immunovet to anyone with a dog they love! I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone or explain how it is working but for me personally, the fact its working for my boy means I will keep him on it indefinitely



I am so pleased I can have the more natural choice. Thanks Immunovet.



All my Mastiff's are on IMMUNOVET, cant recommend it highly enough. 



I would like to say thank you for bringing this product to NZ. I came across immunovet in my hour of need. I ordered it and began giving it to her.  At first there was no improvement then she got a little worse. 6 weeks into it and my god she was a little better. We are now on the second tub of 250g powder and my baby is sooo much better. My baby is happy and giving her sister hell. So thankful for this product.

Brandy Ketchum‎ to Barbara Bouyet18 September 2015 · Twin Lakes, WI, United States · s
After a long road you will see that Phoenix's face is beautiful and he is all healed. He remains on a maintenance dose of Shield/Immunovet and has had no recurrence! THANK YOU again for helping the rescue to get the treatment for him you helped make this beautiful face possible!
wire haired foxies


I gladly share my experience with Immunovet at horses. Rather accidentally I found out about Immunovet. I started feeding Immunovet in December 20, 2011 and it worked absolutely unique. It is an excellent product, which I highly recommend.


 Immunovet will be administered continuously.
If not for the Immunovet our mare wouldn't be with us today 

Immunovet – reference from a veterinarian –  The owner requested a consultation from me and I suggested Immunovet. The owner plans on continuing in feeding Immunovet, they are on their second package at the moment.

Immunovet – reference from a veterinarian - horses – . I use Immunovet almost three years now. The longest in use is at Hafling breeders, who were the first to try it out on a 13 years old broodmare. Immunovet was added to  and they spoke very high of its positive effects. They also implemented feeding it before every show event, because they say that the mare has a significantly better condition and also has the required shininess and fullness of coat. They gradually implemented Immunovet to other mares as well, always before show season and breeding season. They are extremely satisfied with the product.

We bought Immunovet for our 5 years old female German shepherd . She had no apparent health problem but wasn't too active, often just lounged and gave the impression of a " lazy " dog. After one month of Immunovet we observed a significant increase in vitality, she runs, jumps , welcomes us far more and apparently has a greater zest for life. Now she better represents our idea of a watch service dog.
Furthermore, we bought Immunovet for one of our Cameroonian sheep ( 9 years )   since the beginning of the administration she gained weight
and she is obviously far more heavily coated before winter than in the years before.

Reference from a customer - Immunovet - The first time I used Immunovet two years ago. After giving Immunovet the bald spot slowly began to grow hair and I think in ten days the skin was covered with newly growing hair, my sheltie is long-haired and that time after 5-6 weeks was generally covered with a thick hair and was almost unrecognisable.

Immunovet was recommended to me for the first time by a friend of mine who is also a veterinarian. Since then she gets Immunovet whenever I have the feeling that her body needs some support and the results are visible almost immediately. I am very satisfied with Immunovet and I recommend it to my friends and my patients as a support for their organism.

Immunovet - reference from a customer - Cocker Spaniel 14 years old - We feed Imunovet to our 14 years old cocker spaniel. After its use the dog has become clearly more active, overall vitality and vivid. 

I have been using Immmunovet in my practise for approx. half a year now. Very good results were obtained.

Immunovet – reference from veterinarian –  I am a veterinarian and I use Immunovet not only at my dog patients. Its use is very widely ranged and I do recommend it to the owners of my patients.  I am recommending Immunovet in my veterinary practise and also to parakeet breeders
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